A phone mockup file showcasing Embarq Solutions website redesign

Embarq Solutions — Streamlining Facilities Management with Cutting-Edge Digital Solutions


When Embarq Solutions, a seasoned provider of facilities management solutions, approached our design agency, they faced a unique challenge. With over two decades of experience serving organizations across the public and private sectors, Embarq Solutions had established itself as an industry leader. However, their outdated website, burdened with non-functioning links, accessibility issues, and an uninviting visual aesthetic, failed to reflect their expertise adequately.

For CEO Aaliyah Muhammad, Esq., the website served as a virtual resume, a critical factor in securing lucrative government contracts. To maintain their competitive edge, Embarq Solutions recognized the need for a revitalized online presence that would showcase their comprehensive service offerings while ensuring a seamless user experience.

Our Approach: Strategic Discovery and Competitive Intelligence

We embarked on a comprehensive discovery phase, engaging in collaborative dialogues with the Embarq Solutions team to grasp the unique needs of their target audience. This process allowed us to uncover additional challenges beyond the website's visual revamp, ensuring a holistic approach to our solution.

Armed with invaluable insights, we conducted an in-depth competitive analysis, studying the digital landscapes of Embarq Solutions' key rivals. This strategic approach ensured that our solution would not only meet but exceed industry standards, positioning Embarq Solutions as a market leader in the digital realm.

A screenshot of Embarq Solution's services page

The Solution: A Functionally Robust and Visually Captivating Website

Intuitive Navigation: Through meticulous wireframing and mockup iterations, our team executed a visually stunning website design that seamlessly integrated intuitive navigation. Whether in the informative or buying stages of their search, visitors can effortlessly explore Embarq Solutions' offerings, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Tailored Form Flows: To streamline the inquiry process, we developed custom form flows for both sales and general inquiries. This innovative feature enhances the user experience while empowering Embarq Solutions to promptly respond with accurate quotes and information.

Empowering Existing Clients: Recognizing the importance of customer retention, we implemented a form flow that allows existing clients to effortlessly submit work orders. This system ensures that requests are efficiently routed to the appropriate internal teams, fostering seamless and collaborative relationships.

Embarq Solutions mobile view of contact page
Embarq Solutions mobile view of home page
Embarq Solutions mobile view of services page

The Ongoing Partnership: Continuous Evolution in the Digital Landscape

Our collaboration with Embarq Solutions continues to flourish, as we maintain and enhance their online presence through strategic guidance and a proactive approach. By crafting a visually captivating and functionally robust website, we have empowered Embarq Solutions to showcase their unparalleled capabilities, solidifying their position as a preeminent force in the facilities management and service industries.

Together, we are paving the way for Embarq Solutions' continued success, ensuring that their digital footprint remains a dynamic representation of their industry-leading expertise, consistently adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Through our strategic approach and innovative solutions, we have transformed Embarq Solutions' online presence, enabling them to seamlessly connect with clients and solidify their reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.