A mockup of Mushroom Street's mushroom tincture bottle design

Mushroom Street — Cultivating Explosive eCommerce Growth with Captivating Designs


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a passion project blossomed into something extraordinary – Mushroom Street, an indoor urban gourmet mushroom farm in the heart of Arlington, Texas. As this local gem rapidly expanded, founder Warren Gwartney recognized the need for a brand identity and digital presence that matched their ambitious vision of becoming the leading vendor of mushroom-based goods.

The Challenge: Elevating a Locally-Grown Brand

From a modest 2,500 square-foot facility, Mushroom Street had grown into a thriving enterprise, offering a diverse range of products, including fresh gourmet mushrooms, spice blends, mushroom-based food alternatives like Earthy Jerky and Mac-Umami & Cheese, and wellness products like capsules, gummies, and tinctures. However, their existing brand identity and online presence failed to capture the essence of their innovative and health-conscious offerings.

Our Approach: A Holistic Brand Cultivation

We embarked on a comprehensive journey, conducting in-depth competitive analysis across branding, web development, and product packaging to ensure that Mushroom Street would not only stand out in the local mushroom scene but also compete on a national scale.

Through a streamlined and collaborative approach, we crafted a cohesive brand identity that resonated harmoniously across all touchpoints – from their website and social media presence to their product packaging and marketing collateral. Our process involved refining their brand strategy, ensuring alignment with their values and target audience – individuals seeking to incorporate the health benefits of mushrooms into their diets.

A shot of Mushroom Street's home page on their website

The Solution: A Flourishing Digital Ecosystem

At the heart of our solution was the development of a robust Shopify-powered eCommerce website, enabling Mushroom Street to expand its reach and provide a seamless online shopping experience. This platform empowered them with a suite of powerful tools, including email marketing campaigns for customer retention and engagement, order tracking and payment processing, and valuable analytical insights to drive conversions.

Beyond the online store, we established a comprehensive visual brand identity, ensuring consistency across all platforms and products. Our team meticulously designed product packaging for 11 spices, 2 meal alternatives, 8 health and wellness products, and 3 dried/powdered mushroom blends, each piece a testament to Mushroom Street's commitment to quality and innovation.

To further amplify their online presence, we took the reins of their social media channels, curating engaging content and managing their outreach on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Shawn harvesting mushrooms in an incubation chamber of the mushroom farm
A mock up for Mushroom Street's Mushluv Rub packaging
Mushroom Street's line up of seasonings

The Impact: Exponential Growth and Industry Recognition

The results of our collaboration have been nothing short of remarkable. In just 12 months, Mushroom Street surpassed $50,000 in sales, earning recognition from Shopify for their exceptional growth. Year-to-date, they have experienced a staggering 1863.41% increase in sales growth, a 100% increase in Instagram reach, and a 167% increase in Facebook reach.

Our partnership with Mushroom Street continues to flourish, as we work tirelessly to enhance their presence and remain true to their values, ensuring that each touchpoint resonates with their health-conscious audience.

Through our holistic approach and strategic execution, we have transformed Mushroom Street from a local passion project into a thriving, unforgettable brand, cultivating a sustainable future for this innovative mushroom enterprise.