Free Cloud-Services and Digital Ad Campaigns for Non-Profits

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Both Microsoft and Google have generous offerings for non-profits such as associations, charities, churches, NGOs, and other organizations with a 501(c)(3) designation by the IRS. Microsoft and Google will both donate an enterprise version of their cloud business services so all of your users (usually up to 100) can have their own email address on your domain name with all of the extras such as calendaring, cloud file storage, document editing/sharing and communications such as MS Teams and Google Hangouts.

In all cases you\\\’ll need to apply and wait for the provider to validate your non-profit status. While there is no guarantee that you will receive a grant, these are not merit-based or limited to some certain number of awards (as far as we know), meaning generally if you\\\’re a legally qualified nonprofit, most likely you\\\’ll receive the grant.

Someone with all of the details and information (like your EIN number) should make the application. Once approved, if your organizations needs help doing migrations and setting up, reach out to Ecropolis.




  • Nonprofit Cloud:  Salesforce CRM tailored for nonprofits. (The first 10 users are free.)

Note: You will probably only want to choose one email solution, either Office 365 or Google Workspace.



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