Create a Google reCAPTCHA Key

Any publically available form on your website publically available form on your website can become a target for spammers and hackers who unleash their bots to overwhelm your inbox (and database in WP) with garbage that doesn\\\’t do any good for anyone. Google reCAPTCHA solves the problem by validating the the form submitter is not a bot. The latest reCAPTCHA v3 is different that what you might think of where you, as a user, are asked to click on crosswalks, busses and traffic lights. Version 3 uses information stored in the browser along with user behaviour and Google\\\’s AI to ascertain in a ranked score how likely that the user is a bot or not.

You are most likely on this page because someone at Ecropolis has asked you to create reCAPTCHA keys to secure forms on your website. We like for our clients to own and be responsible for maintaining all of their own Google accounts; which typically also includes Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Tag Manager.

To get started navigate to the reCAPTCHA home page. Once on the page, look to the main menu across the top and click on V3 Admin Console. There are just a few fields to fill out and at the end of the process you\\\’ll have two different keys that you will need to send us. Below, is a video less than a minute long that takes you through the simple process.

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