Google Site Verification (via DNS)


Google may need to verify your website ownership and control for several reasons across its product offerings. Website verification shows Google that you have administrative control of your website by having you prove that you can place a hidden tag on your home page. Some examples of Google products that require verification are use of Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Ads. If Ecropolis already has access to your DNS (either we registered your domain for you or you have delegated access to us via your provider such as GoDaddy and Network Solutions) we can help with the process. Ecropolis will need you to copy the TXT record provided by Google as shown in the screen shots below and paste it into a ticket. If you have access to your DNS through your registrar then you should be able to add this record yourself. Google has specific instructions for doing this on most of the major registrars and for some registrars, such as GoDaddy, the process has been automated. You can also search and find instructions if your provider is not listed in the dropdown as shown in the screenshot, Figure 2, below.



Under Domain Choose DNS Method
Figure 1 – Selecting Domain and inserting or having Ecropolis insert DNS records in the best way to verify your website.



We need the CNAME Record copied and emailed to us
Figure 2 – Obtain your Google site verification DNS TXT Record




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