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Our transformative design process

Not too sure how it all works? Better understand the process behind the success.

From left to right: Michael, Cass, Lyna, and Shawn sitting in meeting area of Ecropolis.

Not too sure how it all works? Better understand the process behind the success.

Help us understand what you need in our discovery phase

Submit your questionnaire with as much detail possible and have a meeting with us to shed some light on how we can help your next project succeed.

What is a discovery phase?

A discovery phase, in relation to a design sprint, is where we understand your pain points and needs, then come to an agreement on the most optimal solution for you.

Is there a limit to how much information I should provide?

The more insight, the better! We really want to understand your goals and obstacles to ensure we're making the best solutions we can with you.

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Let's apply what we learned in our design phase

Once we really understand your goals, we'll get to work on creating a design that's intended to catapult you to where you want to be.

Do I get a say in the design?

Absolutely. Our team looks for your feedback before we move forward!

What happens in this part of the process?

The design phase involves activities such as sketching, wireframing, visual design, creating interactive prototypes, and refining the proposed solutions based on user feedback.

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We take the ideas and put them into action during development

Here's where we'll take the approved design and turn it into a product you can have your team interact with.

What technologies or programming languages are used during development?

These choices are dependent on the project and the requirements it calls for.

What can I expect after development is complete?

This phase should result in a functional and tested project that closely aligns with the design and meets the project requirements.

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Finalize your design and continue working together in the delivery phase

After refinements and final adjustments have been made, we can discuss future projects we can work on together.

What should I do about maintenance and updates?

Ecropolis offers both web hosting and a support team post-launch with our maintenance plan. Our team would handle all things that have to do with maintaining a secure website and making content changes as needed.

If we're handing off the project, plan for regular maintenance, bug fixes, updates, version control, and addressing security patches!

Do I own everything that's been created throughout this project?

Yes! All deliverables are intended to be kept by you. You can expect to be given access to a dedicated folder created specifically for your project.

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