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Email Opt-In Automated Series

The custom email opt-in widget and automated email series was added 12/01/2020. 157 New subscribers have been added to date (05/24/21) with an overall 40% open rate and 27% click rate, well above 2021 industry standards.

Constant Contact Email & Event Marketing

As of 10/01/2020 Ecropolis has been managing chapter event marketing. Event email marketing consists as follows:

Invitations to email lists

  • 3 weeks before event invite
  • Invite to non-responders with change in subject text

Reminders to registrants

  • Week before
  • Day before
  • Day of
  • Thank you with survey after completion of event

Newsletter (District Admin)

  • Upcoming events are advertised
  • Ecropolis consulted with District Admin regarding best practices for marketing newsletters and provided redesigned template.

Totals and comparison from the start of the contract to date vs. same dates of the previous year.

DataOct. 1, 2019 - May 13, 2020Oct. 1, 2020 - May 13, 2021Percent Increase
EMAILS SENT122,906289,993136% ↑
OPENS22,33530,00834% ↑
CLICKS7341,24069% ↑

Monthly totals and comparison from the start of the contract to date vs. same dates of the previous year.

DataOct 2019Oct 2020% Increase
EMAILS SENT19,95438,15691% ↑
OPENS2,3484,49792% ↑
CLICKS70193176% ↑
DataJan 2020Jan 2021% Increase
EMAILS SENT11,17731,669183% ↑
OPENS1,3743,966189% ↑
CLICKS53174228% ↑
DataApr 2020Apr 2021% Increase
EMAILS SENT23,69151,883119% ↑
OPENS5,9664,072-32% ↓
CLICKS246202-18% ↓
Nov 2019Nov 2020% Increase
16,91542,915154% ↑
2,3244,736104% ↑
41143249% ↑
Feb 2020Feb 2021% Increase
5,57936,637557% ↑
1,5104,135174% ↑
40166315% ↑
Dec 2019Dec 2020% Increase
11,22921,25689% ↑
1,4492,28157% ↑
2374222% ↑
Mar 2020Mar 2021% Increase
22,57451,906130% ↑
4,8444,9011% ↑
16623039% ↑

Google Analytics Goal Completions (GC) & Website Visitors

*Goals indicate that a visitor came to the website and completed a given interaction, such as requesting a mentor or filling out the volunteer application. Utah Google Analytics was not set up until Feb9, 2021, therefore, we do not have data for comparison from the previous year. (Note that 'Workshop GCs' only counts events where visitors register to view the webinar from the website). There is room for improvement with Volunteer recruitment.

DataFebruary 9 - May 13, 2021
Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 1.12.00 PM

Google Analytics Audience Overview

Google Analytics Behaviors Overview

Monthly totals from implementation of Google Analytics in Feb 2021.

DataFeb 2021March 2021April 2021
NEW USERS55516400


SCORE Utah held 15 events from Oct 2020 - May 13th, 2021. The average percentage of people registered is 30.88%, which is quite a bit lower than the industry standard, 36.8% for educational webinars. There is room for improvement.

DateEvent Title# of RegistrantsCostAttended% attended
10/28/20GWG - Make Your Website Work For You23$0521.74%
10/29/20GWG - Connect with Customers and Manage Your Business Remotely13$0538.46%
11/4/20GWG - Get Your Local Business on Google Search and Maps14$0535.71%
11/5/20GWG - Reach Customers Online with Google12$0758.33%
12/2/20GWG - Make Better Decisions with Analytics12$0650.00%
12/3/20GWG - Use Youtube to Grow Your Business9$0333.33%
2/25/21GWG - Make Your Website Work For You38$0718.42%
3/11/21GWG - Connect with Customers and Manage Your Business Remotely33$0618.18%
3/25/21GWG - Get Your Local Business on Google Search and Maps50$01224.00%
4/8/21GWG - Use Youtube to Grow Your Business55$0610.91%
4/22/21GWG - Make Better Decisions with Analytics33$01133.33%
5/4/21Simple Steps - Financial Matters15$0533.33%
5/5/21Simple Steps - Start Up Basics3$0133.33%
5/6/21Simple Steps - Marketing Plan3$0133.33%
5/12/21GWG - Go Global with Google Market Finder24$0520.83%

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